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As the President of the Martha’s Vineyard Branch of the NAACP, I am so proud of how the NAACP and our supporters have transformed America over the last 100 years. We’ve come a long way, but the journey is not over. There is still not a level playing field in economic and educational opportunities for every community. Continuing disparities exist in housing, health care, and the workplace. We must continue to actively help to shape the values we wish to project for our country and Island community. We must represent the ideals we should stand for in a leader. First is an ability to reach across difference; Second is a peace of knowing who you are and staying true to it; and Third is an ability to leverage your past success.

We have entered in era where we have seen “Together we can”, “Yes we can”, and now we must re-commit to the struggle, because the journey is not over. Martin Luther King taught us to live a life of service, and he led by example. He once said: “If you want to be important—wonderful. If you want to be recognized—wonderful. But, recognize that he who is greatest among you shall be your servant.”

Won’t you serve with the MV/NAACP and remind all American’s what ordinary people can accomplish when we stand together. We look forward to working with all of the dedicated members and supporters to fortify the Martha’s Vineyard Chapter.

On August 17, we are celebrating the achievements and historical moments in Martha’s Vineyard’s rich history... more.

For additional information, please visit the Web site for our national organization: NAACP.

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