Reasons For Joining

“I joined to learn how to deal with prejudice and to give a helping hand to try to reduce prejudice on the island.”

“I joined because I didn’t know many people of color and I knew that racial harmony could only happen if we began to know each other.”

“I joined because I have believed all my life that we are all one human race. I had the time to give of myself and to help develop the branch. I want other people to realize and understand all of our sameness as well as the wonderful diversity among us.”

“I joined because I want to work for equality and justice so that I can leave a world to my grandchildren that fulfills the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”

“I joined and became active because paying dues is just not enough.”

“I joined in order to bear witness to my beliefs in integration and in equal opportunity. By joining with others of like mind, it became possible for me to act on my beliefs.”

“I joined because I want to see America move toward being one nation for all.”

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Membership is invaluable to the continued existence of NAACP advocacy initiatives, outreach programs, and litigation efforts.

As our membership grows so does our opportunity to make a difference. Please click here to download and print our membership application.

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